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Hotel Review & Rating Software – GuestXpressions
GuestXpressions is a next-generation Hotel review and rating software. GuestXpressions is a MUST HAVE software for independent and franchise hoteliers.

Following are the top benefits of GuestXpressions software for Hoteliers :
  • Unlimited Review & Ratings for your hotels and motels.
  • Build positive brand name, respect and reputation for your hotel.
  • Allow your satisfied guests to leave a positive review.
  • Enable potential guests to read the reviews written by satisfied guests on your website.
  • Build a great relationship with your guests.
  • You CONTROL what type of reviews and ratings you want to keep or delete. You can remove any review that you find is inconsistent with your hotel’s policies.
  • This software gives you ACCURATE and PRECISE view of your guest’s experience with your hotel’s facilities.
  • More reviews will enable you to rank higher in search engines.
  • As you allow guests to write review on GuestXpressions, the guest will not spend time and energy on writing reviews elsewhere.
  • You can take corrective actions on areas that need improvement in your hotelDeal with your guests directly. Do not depend on other portals to send you Review & Ratings.
  • We will maintain the software and ensure that it is up and running.

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